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Teresa Mandrell's first encounter with advertising executive Rayann Germaine begins badly and goes downhill from there. Within minutes of their meeting, Rayann dubs Teresa a 'bumbling amateur' and the young woman storms out and quits. The event changes the course of Teresa's life, sending her to art school instead of up the corporate ladder as she had planned. After graduation, Teresa gets a job as a design artist in another firm, only to discover that the new department head is...Rayann! But the difference in the woman's demeanor is so startling that Teresa can't believe her eyes. Although the woman she'd fought with had been insensitive and rude, she was full of fire and passion. This Rayann is cold and withdrawn. To Teresa's chagrin, the woman doesn't even remember their fight. In fact, the two fall easily into an increasingly harmonious work relationship. As they grow even closer, Teresa slowly uncovers layer after layer of Rayann's hurt and pain. When she at last arrives at the terrible truth, Teresa is left with one burning question: How can she turn Rayann's heart away from grief and lead her back toward life and love?. This 1999 Naiad Pr Paperback is in good condition.

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