The Guardship (Brethren of the Coast Trilogy) by James L. Nelson

Spidertown by Abraham Rodriguez

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Miguel is riding high on the streets of the Bronx, satisfied with his job as a drug runner for Spider--mentor, friend, and small-time crack kingpin. Along with his roommate, an arsonist named Firebug, Miguel tries to fit a lifetime of partying, casual sex, and high times into a few short years. But when he meets the beautiful and practical-minded Cristalena, the shallowness and imminent danger of his world come crashing home. Tense, gritty, and moving, written in the fast, rhythmic language of the streets, 'Spidertown' captures a world where children own guns, where death is a part of everyday life, and where, miraculously, hope manages to survive. This 1994 Flamingo Paperback is in Good condition.

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