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Malagasy Textiles by John Mack

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The large island of Madagascar lies in the Indian Ocean facing the coast of Africa. However, it is not a distinctively African island. Amongst those who originally settled there were peoples from south-east Asia as well as from the nearby continent, and the language and culture of Madagascar reflect this diversity of influences. Its textile traditions are particularly complex and interesting. This book surveys the rich variety, discussing the range of materials used in weaving, explaining the technologies involved, and examining the often highly elaborate patterning found on many Malagasy textiles. Apart from use as clothing, textiles are also used as shrouds for the dead and are seen most spectacularly during the elaborate second burial ceremonies. These historical and anthropological aspects provide additional themes that run through the book. John Mack is Keeper of the British Museum's ethnography department where he has held curatorial responsibility for the collections from Central, Eastern and Southern Africa. He has degrees in both history and social anthropology from the universities of Sussex and Oxford, where he received his doctorate in 1975. Dr Mack first undertook research in Madagascar in 1984 and has since completed a number of field trips to the island. He is also the organiser of exhibitions about Madagascar in both London and New York. This 1989 Shire Paperback is in Very Good condition.

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