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Sugar Busters! by Leighton Stewart; Etc

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FACT: Insulin causes our bodies to store excess sugar as fat FACT: The only way to control insulin is to control your intake of sugar FACT: Low-fat diets don't work because they're usually filled with sugar SUGAR BUSTERS!is not a diet but an eating plan that excludes certain foods- basically, foods that contain refined sugars and carbiohydrates and starches that intensify the production of insulin. It contains a suggested 14-day eating plan and easy-to-prepare gourmet recipes, as well as lists of foods to avoid, acceptable foods and suggested sub-stitutes for excluded foods. Pan-roasted filet mignon stuffed with blue cheese and a warm haricot vert and bacon salad, with a glass of wine is a typical Sugar Busters! gourmet recipe. BENEFITS: *lose weight and keep it off *lower cholesterol levels and increase energy levels *no deprivation which leads to bingeing *can also help diabetes sufferers This 1998 Vermilion Paperback is in Good condition.

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