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When God Winks At You: How God Speaks Directly To You Through the Power of Coincidence by Squire Rushnell

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Those extraordinary little events in your life happen for a reason.A coincidence-sometimes a silly little thing-changes the course of your day . . .or even your life. Is it chance, or is God communicating with you?When God Winks at You is packed with true stories demonstrating that God does communicate with us, making incredible things happen in our lives every single day. As you read the riveting accounts of everyday and famous people-including Tim Conway, Rudolph Giuliani, Billy Graham, and Don Knotts-you will begin to recognize the godwinks in your own life, both past and present. Through these tangible signposts from God, we receive personalized messages that reassure us, stop us from worrying, chart our path in life, and help us keep the faith.When God winks, He is reaffirming that there is absolutely nothing about us that He does not know-our every hurt, our every desire.And that to me is very comforting. -SQuire RushnellGod Winks(R) is a registered trademark of SQuire Rushnell This 2006 W Publishing Group Hardback is in Very Good condition.

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