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Pilgrimage To God by Sadhu Vaswani

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In this slim volume is given the heart of the message of a 'Rishi of modern India' - Sadhu Vaswani, of whom it was by the Science of Thought Review of England: 'This beloved teacher journeys day by day with gentle footsteps, having become ego-free and thereby bearing a sacred passport or secret word or sign which open every heart.' This is what gives a 'winning appeal' to all his writings and utterances. God is not afar but is nearer to man than he is to himself. He is within the soul but man, alas, doth wander abroad. 'God is the Silent Spirit and dwells within. And you must be quiet as the growing blade, quiet as the morning light to reach the Silent One' - is a note sounded again and again in these pages. Blended with it is the note: 'Be devoted to the welfare of all beings on earth. For the Lord of all is the Lover of all; and divine beauty is everywhere.' In the pages of this book is enshrined a timeless message for all pilgrims on the path, in poetic prose clear as a temple bell and penetrating as cosmic rays. In it are voices of ravishing beauty and liberating thought. About the Author: J. P. Vaswani needs no introduction to readers of inspirational literature. He is regarded as one of the leading spiritual luminaries of India, a practical philosopher and a man of God whose grace has influenced thousands all over the world. A gifted writer and brilliant orator, Dada, as he is lovingly called, has addressed distinguished audiences worldwide, communicating only as he can, the positive messages of love, faith, joy and peace. J. P. Vaswani is a recipient of several honors, including the prestigious U Thant Peace Award. He has written over 80 books, many of which have been translated in various foreign languages. As His Holiness the Dalai Lama has aptly portrayed him, Dada J. P. Vaswani epitomizes the life of Dharma. He is a living example of how the spirit and practice of our ancient traditions can be purely maintained, even amidst the changes and challenges of this modern age. This Undated Gita Publishing House Hardback is in Very Good condition.

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