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The Dambusters Raid by John Sweetman

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Operation Chastise - the Dambusters Raid, as it became known - undertaken by 19 Lancasters of 617 Squadron on the night of 16 May 1943, was the most audacious bombing raid of the Second World War. For the loss of 11 aircraft, the Mohne and Eder dams in Germany's industrial heartland were breached, and a famous if controversial victory won. John Sweetman's book is the most comprehensive account of this legendary mission, from the development of Barnes Wallis' 'bouncing bomb' (in reality a revolving depth-charge) to every moment of the raid itself, under the charismatic command of Guy Gibson, VC. It recalls a time of commitment, perseverance and sheer dogged determination in the face of dangerous and improbable odds. This 2004 Cassell Paperback is in Good condition.

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