Apartment 255 by Bunty Avieson

Revolution No. 9 by Neil Mcmahon

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The revolution has begun . . . Across America, the wealthy, important, and powerful aredying, the targets of a charismatic madman's murderous wrath. Homegrown terrorism has once again reared its hideous head to strike at a nation that was looking elsewhere. Bound and blindfolded on the floor of an SUV, Dr. Carroll Monks knows nothing of the countercultural sociopath called Freeboot, his drugged-up, paramilitary community in the Northern California wilderness, or his plans to unleash a nationwide blood tide. But a dying child whom the abducted emergency room physician must save is waiting in the outlaw's hidden compound -- as well as a shocking revelation that could shatter Monks's private world. And now an impossible escape is the only option, before Freeboot's diabolically crafted 'revolution' destroys Monks, his family, and every last resident in a small coastal town. This 2006 HarperTorch Paperback is in Good condition.

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