Spitwad Sutras: Classroom Teaching As Sublime Vocation by Robert Inchausti

Discipline With Dignity by Richard L. Curwin; Allen N. Mendler

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Theoretically and practically, this book helps teachers develop a repertoire of practical consequences to use when students forget or do not know how to perform the behaviors agreed upon in their social contracts. A range of strategies are suggested for creating additional consequences and encouraging treating students in fair, dignified, and individualized ways. The book respects students' individuality and notes the distinction between consequence and punishment. Thus the process and strategies presented are intended to enhance student self-esteem, to invest social problem-solving and self-regulation as serious components of curriculum and instruction, and to cast teachers as professional educators--mediators of learning--rather than policemen. Titles of the book's 12 chapters are 'Discipline,''Dignity and Responsibility in the Classroom,''Three-Dimensional Discipline,''The Social Contract,''Consequences,''Taking Action,''Stress and Discipline,''Creative Discipline for Out-of-Control Students,''Discipline and the Process of Teaching,''Special Problems,''Twenty Questions,' and 'Conclusion.' Appended are a behavior management inventory, a school discipline survey form, and a nine-page bibliography. (JAM) This 1989 Association for Supervision & Curriculum Deve Paperback is in Fair condition.

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