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A Nest of Occasionals by Tony Martin

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Following on from the dubious, but resounding, success of Lolly Scramble, comedian Tony Martin returns with another collection of tales from his life outside show business. Outrageous coincidences, disgraceful errors of judgement, ancient family disputes and misguided attempts to impress women are just part of the story. You'll be both amused and appalled as Martin establishes his own junior detective agency, discovers that his parents are censoring bare breasts from the National Geographic, has his braces repossessed by the government, ruins several plays in an attempt to find a girlfriend, gets caught two-timing his local video shop, mars an awards night with a burst of foul language, attends a racist dinner at an Indian restaurant, allows cameras to enter his every bodily orifice, and returns to his hometown to discover that his grandfather is not the man he thought he was. A Nest of Occasionals is a series of supersize set pieces from a life lived in miniature. But what does the title mean? There's only one way to find out. This 2009 Picador Paperback is in Good condition.

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