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500 Handy Hints For Every Husband: Tips And Tools For Your Home, Yard, Garage, And Wallet by Bob Barnes

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Bob Barnes (15a??MinutesAlone with God for Men, more than 180,000 copies sold) reaches out tohusbands with timea??tested, worka??saving tips. In short chapters he presents helpfulhints along with practical suggestions for implementing them. Bob encourages mento take an active role in home and life management. Theya??ll discover how tosave time and energy by... becoming more organized doing projects more efficiently implementing money management principles keeping equipment and vehicles properly maintained using goals to achieve longa??term success In the process of sharing proven ways to make life easier, Bobdraws on his own experiences as a happily married husband to highlight ways mencan improve their marriages through thoughtfulness, communication, and strength. This 2006 Harvest House Publishers Paperback is in Near Mint condition.

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