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Tokyo Cancelled by Rana Dasgupta

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Thirteen passengers are stranded at an airpot. Tokyo, their destination, is covered in snow and all flights are cancelled. To pass the night they form a huddle by the silent baggage carousels and tell one another stories. In what 'The Wall Street Journal Asia has hailed as a 'global citizen narrative.' Rana Dasgupta has crafted a 'Canterbury Tales for our times. In the spirit of Borges and Calvino, Dasgupta's writing combines an energetically modern landscape with a timeless, beguiling fairy-tale ethos, invoking timeless tales such as Rapunzed, Bluebeard, and the Prodigal Son, while bringing to life a cast of extraodinary individuals--some lost, some confused, some happy--in a world that remaines ineffable, inexplicable, and wonderful. A Ukrainian merehant is led by a wingless bird back to a lost lover; Robert De Niro's son masters the transubstantiation of matter and turns it against his enemies; a man who manipulates other people's memories has to confront his own past; a Japanese entreprenur risks losing everything in his obsession with a doll; a mute Turkish girl is left alone in the house of a German man who is mapping the world... Told by people on a journey, these are stories about lives in transit, stories from the great citiexs--New York, Istanbul. Delhi. Lagos. Paris. Buenos Aires--that grow into an epic cycle about the hopes and dreams and disappointments that connect people everywhere. This 2005 Black Cat Paperback is in Good condition.

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