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Good Wine, Bad Language, Great Vineyards by Sunil Badami; Esmeralda Wood

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When you flick through 168 pages of bad language from some of the most respected Kiwi wine figures, could you think of anything better to wash your mouth out with than great New Zealand wine? The latest wine book created by the people behind 'The Liquid Kitchen' series, (World Awarded Drink Books) is GOOD Wine, BAD Language, GREAT Vineyards - and it'll have you rinsing after every page. Bursting with cheeky photography by world-renowned photographer Esmeralda Wood, the cover and character photos throughout resinate this book at first, as the ultimate coffee table book. Then as each photo draws the reader in, confessions of some of New Zealand's most prominent and respected wine makers spill over the page unleashing some candid stories; some very funny, some of hardship and a few secrets. Although the content is informative, honest, and gritty, and in some ways a soft guide to Waikato, Hawke's Bay, Marlborough and Otago's top wine producing regions - its tag line is 'WINE CHARACTERS OF NEW ZEALAND'. In the past, wine books have been very much the same; very formal and very structured. GOOD Wine, BAD Language, GREAT Vineyards puts all that to a stop. It showcases 33 people behind 26 great Kiwi wineries; their stories, their approach and their character. This 2008 Drink Australia Pty, Limited Hardback is in Very Good condition.

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