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The Plague Lord: Bloody Murder at the Court of Kublai Khan by Paul Doherty

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In 13th-century China, at the seat of the great Mongol Lord, Kublai Khan, sinister events are unfolding. Members of the Guild of Pourers, the city cleaners, are being picked off one by one in a series of horrific murders. What is the link between these deaths and the reappearance of the Water Lily sect, a secret society dedicated to the service of the Plague Lord, Wen Yi Kwei? With rumors of demonic forces at work, Kublai Khan summons his trusted advisor and friend, the Venetian Marco Polo, to discover the truth. But will he be able to stem the tide of evil before it's too late? And will the Water Lily sect succeed in unleashing the full fury of Wen Yi Kwei, the great baron of Hell? This 2003 Headline (UK) Paperback is in Very Good condition.

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