A Long Finish (Aurelio Zen Mystery) by Michael Dibdin

A Simple Act of Violence by R. J. Ellory

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Washington - embroiled in the mid-term elections, did not want to hear about serial killings. But when the newspapers reported a fourth murder, when they gave the killer a name and details of his horrendous crimes, there were few people that could ignore it. Detective Robert Miller is assigned to the case. He and his partner begin the task of correlating and cross-referencing the details of each crime scene. Rapidly things begin to complicate. The victims do not officially exist. Their personal details do not register on any known systems. The harder Miller works, the less it makes sense. And as Miller unearths ever more disturbing facts, he starts to face truths so far-removed from his own reality that he begins to fear for his life.This is a novel about trust, about loyalty, about beliefs that are so ingrained and indoctrinated that - when challenged - it leaves people with nothing. Vast in scope, it is an expose of the brutality of covert operations, the cocaine wars, the power of greed and the insidious nature of corruption. It is also a story of love and trust that shomehow managed to survive the very worst that the world could throw at it. This 2008 Orion Paperback is in Very Good condition.

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