Moral Dimension : Toward a New Economics by Amitai Etzioni

The World We Made: Alex McKay's Story from 2050 by Jonathan Porritt

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Our planet's future is too often described in terms of doom and despair. However, there is another perspective that is not only positive, but credible, too. The book describes a planet that is green, fair, connected, and collaborative. Based on extensive research, leading environmentalist Jonathon Porritt reveals how we can achieve a genuinely sustainable world by 2050 if we act immediately. Part history, part narrative, the book describes the key events, technological breakthroughs, and lifestyle revolutions that could transform our planet, covering topics as wide-ranging as 3D printing, personal genomics, urban agriculture, and the digital landscape. The book's innovative ideas are brought to life with futuristic photographs, infographics, and hand-drawn sketches, while an extensive index provides the tools and tips needed to prepare for what's ahead. This 2013 Phaidon Press Paperback is in Very Good condition.

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