Crow: From the Life And Songs of the Crow by Ted Hughes

The Dord, the Diglot, And An Avocado Or Two: the Hidden Lives And Strange Origins of Common And Not-So-Common Words by Anu Garg

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From The Creator Of The Popular A.Word.A.Day E-Mail Newsletter A Collection Of Some Of The Most Interesting Stories And Fascinating Origins Behind More Than 300 Words, Names, And Terms By The Founder Of Wordsmith.Org. Did You Know: There S A Word For The Pleasant Smell That Accompanies The First Rain After A Dry Spell? Petrichor, Combining Petros (Greek For Stone) And Ichor (The Fluid That Flows In The Veins Of Greek Gods). An Illeist Is One Who Refers To Oneself In The Third Person. There S A Word For Feigning Lack Of Interest In Something While Actually Desiring It: Accismus. For Any Aspiring Deipnosophist (A Good Conversationalist At Meals) Or Devoted Philomath (A Lover Of Learning), This Anthology Of Entertaining Etymology Is An Ideal Way To Have Fun While Getting Smarter. This 2007 Plume Paperback is in Very Good condition.

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