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Explaining Evil - Volume 3 - Approaches, Responses, Solutions by J. Harold Ellens

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The manifestation of evil has provided a convenient theme for popular culture entertainment, ranging from the classic film The Exorcist, to almost all of Stephen King's horror novels, to video games such as Resident Evil. Unfortunately, dealing withand attempting to overcomethe forces of evil is a pervasive problem in the real world as well. Explaining Evil addresses incidents of evil from ancient times to modern day around the globe. Concepts of evil within the big three religionsChristianity, Judaism, and Islamare examined, as well as in Chinese philosophy and Native American beliefs. The political or national expressions of evil are explored, such as the 'axis of evil' that culminated in World War II. These volumes identify the causes and effects of evil, and suggest possible remedies to humanity's inescapable flaw. This 2011 Praeger Pub Text Hardback is in Near Mint condition.

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