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Why Animals Are Smarter Than Us (Smarter Than Jack) by Andrew Whiteside

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Pets are prized for their companionship and charm, but less remarked on is their often extraordinary intelligence. This heartwarming, humorous anthology spotlights this quality and how it manifests itself in many different creatures. These anecdotal stories offer convincing evidence that animals can read minds, sense the paranormal, foretell the future, navigate without maps, solve their own medical problems, and communicate in mysterious ways -- things far beyond human ken. 'Animals Are Smarter Than Us, which features unusual animal facts, includes stories of how two cats prevented their owner from committing suicide, how a dog predicted her owner's pregnancy five times, how an unruly horse made a choice and helped a paraplegic, how a cat used a cabbage tree to signal rain, and how chimps indulged in some nasty but effective medicine. Based on readers' contributions, these stories have immediacy and power, making for an entertaining read. This 2005 Smarter Than Jack Paperback is in Good condition.

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