Alison Holst's New Kitchen Diary Volume Two by Alison Holst

The Starch Blocker Diet by Steven Rosenblatt; Cameron Stauth

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Are high-carbohydrate, starchy foods -- breads, pasta, potatoes -- your dietary downfall? Here's a program that's almost sinfully satisfying but low in calories, a new medical strategy based on thirty years of clinical testing that helps people lose weight without giving up their favorite foods.The anti-carb revolution that's sweeping America has finally found a sane solution. A recently discovered natural substance derived from legumes instantly eliminates most of the calories in starchy foods, giving you a huge caloric reduction and an effective fat-burning metabolism. No more denial diets! Using the groundbreaking information in this book, you can lose weight without hunger for the first time in your life.The calorie-neutralizing substance known as Phase 2 binds with the enzyme that digests starch, so when you take it just before meals, most starch, similar to fiber, passes through your system without releasing calories. There are no side effects, but a huge benefit: up to 1/3 of your total daily calories are instantly eliminated! The Starch Blocker Diet provides a simple, three-step program for achieving safe, lasting weight loss:Step 1: Redistributing CaloriesYou'll actually eat more starchy foods -- to maximize the power of this new way to lose weight!Step 2: Taking Emotional ControlThis program helps you regain power over food by stopping cravings and improving mood chemistry.Step 3: Burning Body Fat with Supercharged ExerciseWhen starch calories are neutralized, you burn body fat faster, so exercise has a heightened fat-loss effect.This no-hunger, nondenial strategy lets you eat a richly satisfying diet while still losing weight. You'll find formulas for individualizing the program to fit your own caloric and lifestyle requirements, a unique starch calorie chart, detailed scientific data, sample menus, and more than 100 delicious, high-starch recipes, many by James Beard Award-winning chef Philippe Boulot. This 2003 Collins Hardback is in Mint condition.

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