The Right Nation: Why America Is Different by John Micklethwait; Adrian Woolridge

The Natural by Joe Klein

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Astute, even-handed and keenly intelligent, THE NATURAL is the only book to read if you want to understand exactly what happened during Bill Clinton's presidency, and how the decisions made during his tenure affect all of us today. We see how The White House functioned on the inside, how it dealt with the manoeuvres of Congress and the Gingrich revolution, and who held power and made the decisions during the endless crises that beset the administration. Klein's access to the White House over the years as a journalist gave him a prime spot from which to view every crucial event, both political and personal, and in the case of Monica Lewinsky both, and he sets then forth in an insightful, readable and completely engrossing manner. THE NATURAL is stern in its criticism and convincing with its praise, and will cause endless debate. It is a book that anyone interested in contemporary politics, in the functioning of the largest democracy in the world, whose decisions affect us all, should read. This 2002 Coronet Paperback is in Good condition.

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