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The Control Revolution: How the Internet Is Putting Individuals in Charge And Changing the World We Know by Andrew L. Shapiro

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Early in 1998, a new school of thought called technorealism was launched by a 'digital dream team' (Wired) of our 'brightest young cyberwriters' (Newsweek) seeking 'to bring a more realistic dialogue to the topic of technology' (New York Times). Now technorealism's cofounder, Andrew Shapiro, gives us a lucid and fresh account of how the Internet is really changing our lives. The Control Revolution shows how the Net allows individuals to take power from institutions, causing hierarchies to unravel in politics, commerce, and social life. The result, Shapiro argues, is not as ideal as cyber-utopianists would have us think. Government and corporations a like are anxiously trying to retain their power, while individuals may wield their new personal control so bluntly as to squander its benefits and jeopardize personal well-being, rights of free speech and privacy, and democratic values. Shapiro concludes that we must achieve a new balance of power for the digital age, a conception of self-governance that takes into account the shifting of control from institutions to individuals. This 1999 PublicAffairs Hardcover is in Near Mint condition.

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