The Mammoth Book of Journalism by Jon Lewis

What Remains Behind by Dorothy Fowler

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An RHNZ Dazzling Debut Chloe and her archaeological team have been sent on a dig of the Brook of Kerith, an 1870s religious settlement in the north of New Zealand. Nothing stands any more, but Chloe finds more than a few shards of pottery. As she tries to work out what happened in the fire that destroyed the buildings and ended the community, the discovery of human remains unsettles the people who now live in the area. People with whom Chloe grew up, each with their own agenda and links to the past. With the appearance of Chloe's wayward sister in a neighbouring cottage, there are more recent mysteries to be uncovered, too. Moving between a vividly realised diary written in the 1870s and the current day, this compelling novel has murder, mystery, love, lust - and archaeology. This 2009 Black Swan Paperback is in Good condition.

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