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Book Lover's Guide To the Internet by Evan Morris

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The complete reference to on-line books, magazines, newspapers, libraries, bookstores, publishers and more!The accessible, nontechnical guide to the amazing literary resources of the Internet and on-line services--now revised and updated!From instant access to the Library of Congress catalog to on-line book discussion groups to a burgeoning library of literary gems converted to electronic text, the Internet is a paradise for readers and book lovers--and the information and resources there just continue to grow. In this revised edition of The Booklover's Guide to the Internet, syndicated columinst Evan Morris provides new and updated entries, incisive ratings of the latest Internet service providers, and valuable sections on cutting-edge technology. Gain easy access to the Internet's endless literary resources with clear, comprehensive guidance on such topics as ¸  Getting a fast (and cheap) connection to the Net and rating the various online services that provide Net access ¸  Tapping into reference tools such as government and university databases and on-line dictionaries and encyclopedias ¸  Browsing the newsstands of the Net, where you'll find free on-line excerpts from hundreds of newspapers and magazines ¸  Downloading the ever-expanding electronic library of classics available free through Project Gutenberg and other sources ¸  Using powerful search engines to find what you want on the Net quickly and efficiently ¸  Joining on-line discussion groups on books and authors ¸  Publishing your own writing on-line using the new hypertext technology of the World Wide Web ¸  And much moreWhether you're already on-line or eager to get on-line for the first time, The Booklover's Guide to the Internet opens up a world of information, specifically tailored to the needs of readers. This 1996 Ballantine Books Paperback is in Near Mint condition.

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