Not Forgetting the Whale by John Ironmonger

Chainfire by Terry Goodkind

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Richard observed the storm around him with an odd sense of detachment. Only the pain seemed real. He remembered hearing it once said that when you died, no matter how many poeple were with you, you died alone. That's how he felt now - alone. Ater being gravely injured in a battle, Richard Rahl awakes to discover his wife, Kahlan, missing. To his disbelief, no one remembers the women he is frantically trying to find. Worse, no one belives that she really exists, or that he was ever married. Alone as never before, he must find that women he loves more then life itself... if she is even still alive. If she was ever even real. This 2006 HarperVoyager (UK) Paperback is in Good condition.

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