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The Step Diet: Count Steps, Not Calories To Lose Weight And Keep It Off Forever by James O. Hill; John C. Peters; Bonnie T. Jortberg

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Developed by weight-loss experts Drs. James O. Hill and John C. Peters, co-founders of America on the MoveTM, The Step Diet Book is a motivational walking program that will help millions of overweight Americans lose weight and keep it off forever.Combining a book and pedometer--in itself a $20 value--plus conversion charts and dozens of fat-burning Step Recipes, this is a complete package. At its core is a simple concept called energy balance. Calories come in, calories go out--and when intake is greater than output, you gain weight. The Step Diet Book attacks the problem from both ends. First, use the pedometer to figure out how many steps you take in an average day, then raise the number by 2,000--it's as easy as pacing while talking on the phone, or parking at the far end of the lot. Second, eat one-quarter less of your food--which counteracts our tendency to supersize meals. Once balance is achieved, get fit and lose weight by adding more steps to your day. You can even enjoy a guilt-free lapse by knowing exactly how many steps to tack on at the end of your day. This 2004 Workman Publishing Company Paperback is in Very Good condition.

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