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For the Life of Your Dog by Greg Louganis; Betsy Siino Sikora

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In his #1 New York Times bestselling autobiography Breaking the Surface, Greg Louganis included loving portrayals of his protectors and closest friends: his dogs. Now Greg, a breeder and trainer of Harlequin Great Danes, has teamed up with award-winning animal writer Betsy Sikora Siino to create an extraordinary guide to dog ownership.Greg's distinctive philosophy and practical tips -- hich have produced his best-in-breed winners -- illuminate every page of this special volume that puts the dog's best interests first. Here are insights into choosing a dog, basic care, training, exercise, and nutrition -- and an overview of every stage of a dog's life. Passionate in his opinions and wonderfully effective, Greg includes:Cures for chewing, barking, biting, and other so-called behavior problems Answers to the great housetraining disputes -- including the pros and cons of cratingSpecific feeding programs for optimal nutrition -- and for combating the greatest health threat to your dog: obesity An exercise program for the canine athlete (and they're all athletes!) Training tips for obedience, showing, and search-and-rescue Preventive medicine, common illnesses from nose to tail, and age-related concerns Advice on breeding, whelping, adopting your second (third, fourth...) dog, and more!For The Life of Your Dog is an inspiring and eye-opening reference. Delivered with Greg's delightful candor, his sound advice makes it a classic for new and long-time dog owners -- and anyone who has ever loved a dog. This 1999 Simon and Schuster Paperback is in Very Good condition.

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