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Too Darn Hot by Sandra Scoppettone

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IÕd had two murders since last spring, solved them both. The first one was prime and it got a lotta attention in the fish wrappers, so I had a bunch of clients for awhile. Just cause people saw my name in the paper they figured I was the best (which I might be). Not bad for a twenty-six-year-old gal from Newark, New Jersey.ItÕs the middle of World War II, but not all the killing is happening overseas. In a sweltering New York City summer, scrappy steno-turned-sleuth Faye QuickÐkicked upstairs when her boss ships outÐtakes on a new case that would make even the most experienced P.I. sweat bullets.It all starts with a beautiful woman. Heartbroken Claire Turner turns on the waterworks in FayeÕs office, begging for help in finding her beau, Private Charlie Ladd, gone missing while on leave from Uncle SamÕs army. But when Faye busts into CharlieÕs hotel room, she doesnÕt find anyoneÐanyone alive, that is. But whereÕs Charlie? Because the corpse in the hotel room might not be him. And that leads Faye to wonder if the unfortunate stiff was CharlieÕs target practice.In a case with more twists, starts, and stops than the Third Avenue El, Faye learns that some shocking truths are hidden behind the fog of warÐa personal war being fought on the home front.Brimming over with big band music, hairdos in snoods, and unfiltered smokesÐthe same irresistible 1940s detail that made This Dame for Hire such a treatÐthe second adventure of indefatigable Faye solidifies her status as one of Sandra ScoppettoneÕs most appealing characters. Too Darn Hot is sizzling fun readers are sure to make Quick work of. This 2006 Ballantine Books Hardcover is in Very Good condition.

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