Stormblade by Nancy Varian Berberick

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A shaft of argent starlight touched by the Forge of ReorxHilted and gemmed in the blood of heroesUnite! Mountain dwarves of ThorbardinA kingsword at last, at last.Deep in the cavern kingdom of Thorbardin, the powerful Stormblade is secretly crafted by an elderly dwarf-master. A Kingsword, it is intended to break the deadlock among the ruling council of Thanes.When Stormblade is stolen and turns up years later, a series of exciting and deadly events are set in motion. Only a heroic dwarf knows the magic of the legendary blade, and he sets out to recover the lost weapon. To do so, he must travel to a land rife with war and treachery. This 1988 Wizards of the Coast Paperback is in Very Good condition.

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