Money Makes You Crazy: Custom And Change In The Contemporary Solomons Islands by Ross McDonald

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A travel book with a difference, this book looks at how the indigenous people of one small Pacific nation are adapting to the immediate, but often disastrous, temptations of modern money, as foreign companies seek to exploit the essential resources that make a customary way of life possible. In five short essays, the author visits a variety of island communities, each with a different experience of contact with modern money. Where outside interests have had full access to traditional resources, customary ways have collapsed as forests have been felled, minerals mined and seas fished dry. Other communities have responded more successfully to monetary temptation. Some have chosen a more modest approach through carefully managed tourism or have returned to traditional customs, completely shunning the modern world and its ways. In each instance, the leaders and members of the communities articulate valuable insights into the nature of their own changing cultural priorities, and of the adva. This 2003 University of Otago Press Paperback is in near mint condition.

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