The Value Enterprise: Strategies for Building a Value-Based Organization (Report on Business) by John Donovan; Richard Tully; Brent Wortman

The Power of Corporate Kinetics: Create the Self-Adapting, Self-Renewing, Instant-Action Enterprise by Michael Fradette; X. Touche

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Remember the good old days, when it was easy to predict the business future? All you had to do was forecast market trends, plot customer needs, scout new technologies, and plumb spreadsheets -- and success was certain. Now, all bets are off. Old strategies are beat. Old boundaries are gone. Customer loyalties are dead. The world has shrunk. It's not just the increase in the rate of change; we all know markets are moving faster -- it's the magnitude of the increase that is making the future completely unpredictable.But as Michael Fradette and Steve Michaud remind us in The Power of Corporate Kinetics, you can't predict the future, but you can be ready for whatever it may bring. Enter the kinetic enterprise, ravenous for information, equipped with a hair-trigger response, ready to attack every opportunity, constantly evolving to meet the unpredictable future, and fully equipped to capitalize on the turbulence that confuses competitors.The foundation of kinetics is a new work culture and a new employee. In a kinetic enterprise, executives and front-line staff work hand in hand to respond to shifting customer and market demands. They are wired to real-time information and to each other for spontaneous innovation, collaboration, and fast market action. The kinetic enterprise is designed to eliminate any barriers that prevent workers from responding flexibly and fast.These ideas aren't simply theory. They are based on the people and companies already using them. Leaders and employees from companies in a wide variety of industries -- from manufacturing to health care, from Kinko's to MTV to John Deere -- share their experiences that illuminate kinetic organizations and kineticemployees. Leaders' stories will answer questions that managers ask about managing tomorrow's workforce. Employees' stories will give workers insight into how their jobs and careers might look five or ten years from today.The authors, top partners at Deloitte Consulting, have drawn on a wealth of client experience to pull together the concept of corporate kinetics. Now, in this brilliant, practical, breakthrough book, Michael Fradette and Steve Michaud show you how to win in a wired and wildly changing world. This 1998 Simon & Schuster Hardback is in Good condition.

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