Driving Force by Dick Francis

Knife Edge by Douglas Reeman

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January 1970: Lieutenant-Colonel Mike Blackwood is murdered in Cyprus. Disillusioned and grieving for his distinguished father, Lieutenant Ross Blackwood believes there is little future for him in the Corps. The Royal Marines have been reduced in strength, and their role in a modern world, after so splendid a tradition, is marginalized. But Ross’s loyalty and dedication to the Corps sustain him from vicious guerilla warfare in Malaysia, through the moral and political minefields of Northern Ireland, where one man’s terrorist is another’s patriot, to the South Atlantic, and a conflict as bloody as it is unpredictable. And he learns, as every Blackwood has before him, that jungle or moor, insurrection or invasion, mere courage is not enough. Survival and victory balance on the knife edge of destiny. This 2006 Arrow Books Ltd Paperback is in Very Good condition.

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