Hot Poppies by Reggie Nadelson

Wheels of Fire by Terence Strong

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Summoned to war-torn Bosnia to replace a Liaison Officer in the Royal Wessex Regiment, ex-SAS officer Jeff Hawkins soon realizes he’s been thrown into a task far more dangerous than he had imagined. Hawkins’ main role is to keep the UN-aid convoys running at all costs, but his new company commander isn’t up to the job. The uneasy alliance of local Muslims and Croats is breaking down with the arrival of fundamentalist fighters from Afghanistan. And there’s the matter of mercenaries for hire and the CIA stirring the pot for their own ends. Then the arrival of winter snow brings yet another crisis. It’s vital that a huge convoy runs the gauntlet of fighting along the icy mountain roads, breaking the siege of Sarajevo with essential provisions and medical supplies. Defying the odds, the air horns of a hundred trucks blast defiantly as their giant wheels begin to roll on a journey to hell and back. This 2006 Pocket Paperback is in Good condition.

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