Iran: Dictatorship And Development - Second Edition by Fred Halliday

The Twentieth Man by Tony Jones

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In September 1972 journalist Anna Rosen takes an early morning phone call from her boss at the ABC telling her about two bombings in Sydney's busy CBD. It's the worst terrorist attack in the country's history and Anna has no doubt which group is responsible for the carnage. She has been investigating the role of alleged war criminals in the globally active Ustasha movement. High in the Austrian Alps, guided by starlight and a crescent moon, Marin Katich is one of twenty would-be revolutionaries who slip stealthily over the border into Yugoslavia on a mission planned and funded in Australia which will have devastating consequences for all involved. Two and half years ago Anna and Marin had become lovers at university but his sudden and mysterious disappearance brought their relationship to an abrupt end. Now the Sydney bombings will draw their lives back together. With Croatian extremists under suspicion and a power struggle erupting between ASIO and the federal police, Attorney General Lionel Murphy personally directs a raid on the security agency. Events suddenly reach a trigger point with the impending arrival of Yugoslav's Prime Minister. This 2017 Allen & Unwin Paperback is in Very Good condition.

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