The Bolshevik Revolution 1917-1923 - Volume Two by E. H. Carr

Love, Sex And Tragedy: Why Classics Matter by Simon Goldhill

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Simon Goldhill examines the most basic areas of our lives today, from marriage and sex to politics and entertainment. Whether we are falling in love or waging wars in the name of democracy, he reveals how Classical ideas continue to shape our behaviour and our attitudes in crucial ways. Full of surprising facts and startling stories, it will appeal to anyone interested in history and its influence on our lives. It is as wide-ranging as it is readable, with a brilliant cast of characters. Few books could bring together Freud, Plato, Queen Victoria, Romeo and Juliet, George W. Bush and Charles Atlas in this way. Inspiring, thought provoking and illuminating, LOVE, SEX & TRAGEDY shows again and again how and why the Romans and Greeks still matter. This 2005 John Murray Paperback is in Good condition.

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