The Spell of Undoing: Book One of Quentaris, Quest of the Lost City by Paul Collins

Up on Cloud Nine by Anne Fine

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How stupid do you have to be to fall out of a top-floor window? Or was Stolly trying something else - up on cloud nine even then? Stolly's always been so alive, so inspiring taking risks, hiding nothing, notorious for being the school's most imaginative liar (or fantasist, as he calls it . But now, he's lying in a hospital bed, and Ian, his best friend who's as close as a brother, is watching, waiting and remembering... A characteristically funny, moving, life-affirming novel about a remarkable character and the truly inspirational effect he has on everyone he meets, from the 2001-2003 Children's Laureate, multi-award-winning author, Anne Fine. This 2002 Doubleday Hardcover is in Fair condition.

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