People Skills - How To Assert Yourself, Listen To Others, And Resolve Conflicts by Robert Bolton

The Triumph of the Airheads: And the Retreat From Commonsense by Shelley Gare

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'Incarceration has worked a miracle on Martha Stewart's bottom linea¦' - The Daily Telegraph (London) 'Not one of my 33 second-year university students had ever heard of Chairman Mao...' - Letter to The Australian 'It sold well because lots of people bought it.' - Publisher Andrew Franklin Ever felt as if someone's stolen your braina¦ numerous examples of idiocy, buffoonery in high places, 'famous' nobodies, decisions that defy all logic? The question is why? How come our world a yours and mine a has been taken over by morons? How come questions are answered by a 'whatever' shrug, or not answered at all... while you're put on hold? Multi-award-winning journalist Shelley Gare reveals the answers in her insightful, funny, and scary new book. This 2006 Park Street Press and Media 21 Publishing Hardcover is in Near Mint condition.

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