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The Optimist: One Man's Search for the Brighter Side of Life by Laurence Shorter

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When it comes to bad news, we've never had it so good. 'Continuing conflict in the Middle East . . . genocide in Africa . . . natural disasters in the Far East . . . earthquakes in England . . . price of oil at a record high . . . Arctic ice at a record low . . . government legislation curbing personal freedoms . . . financial markets in meltdown . . . ' [ARE WE READY? Headline in the Independent, October 2005]Today we face a greater range of potential disasters than ever beforeLaurence Shorter is feeling anxious. Every time he turns on the radio or opens a newspaper he finds another reason to be tearful. It's time to make a change.THE OPTIMIST charts Laurence's quest for inner happiness. Can Desmond Tutu bring a smile to Laurence's face? Will he ride out the tide of pessimism with California's famous Surfing Rabbi? Or will it fall to the ultimate icon of optimism, Bill Clinton, to show Laurence the brighter side of life?THE OPTIMIST is a hilarious and life-affirming stand against the grind of everyday strife. This 2009 Canongate Books Paperback is in Good condition.

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