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Guzin Najim's the Promise: An Iraqi Mother's Desperate Flight To Freedom by Sandra Lee

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Steeped in a mothers love for her children and driven by a wifes devotion to the memory of her late husband, THE PROMISE traces an Iraqi womans desperate seven-year journey to freedom in Australia. Guzin Najim always knew she was lucky. The adored eldest daughter of a well-respected General in the Iraqi Army, Guzin had a rare confidence that came from being raised by a progressive father who encouraged his daughter to strive for excellence in the same way he would have encouraged a son. And when she met and fell in love with the shy but determined Raad Said while studying at Baghdad University, she knew they had a long, bright future together. He was the love of her life. She meant everything to him and more. After university, Raad quickly followed in his fathers footsteps, working for the Iraqi government Foreign Ministry as a diplomat. For Raad and Guzin life was the heady world of the international diplomatic circuit and, with their two children, they lived a happy and full life. But things changed when Saddam Hussein's regime came to power. They were recalled to Iraq and when Raad was given a job in Saddam's Information Ministry, he became distant and withdrawn. Late one night, when Ra'ad made Guzin promise to take their children out of Iraq at any cost and never return, she knew something was seriously wrong. At the time, she didnt question him. Now she wishes she had. They were the last words he ever spoke. In THE PROMISE, Guzin Najim relives the horror of her beloved husband Raads murder at the hands of the Iraqi government, and the terror of three years living under house arrest in Baghdad, knowing that her every move was being watched and that her childrens lives were in constant danger. After their harrowing escape from Baghdad to Jordan where, supposedly safe, they continued to be terrorised by Iraqi officials for another three years. When the UN finally granted her refugee status Guzin was given the choice of Canada, America or Australia. Her choice was simple. Raad had always dreamed of the beautiful harbour city of Sydney. And when Guzin stepped off the plane in Australia for the first time, she knew that risking everything had been worth ither children were safe and the promise she had made to her husband would be honoured. This 2003 Bantam Books Paperback is in Near Mint condition.

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