Two Years in a World of Books

Two Years in a World of Books
April 1st is a day we're celebrating - it's been two years of life in Book Haven. Two years of owning and running a second-hand bookshop, which means two years of being surrounded by and immersed in the world of books and that is a real privilege.

Books Coming & Going

Childhood books: Amelia Bedelia, Ramona the Pest, The Wombles, Mrs Pepperpot, 'Spy Stories for Boys', & 'A Fish Out of Water.'
The books on the shelves keep changing, matching the ebb and flow of the so many readers and book lovers who wander through the shop or buy online. … Sometimes it's like greeting old friends when new books arrive...Other times it's hard to say goodbye to a book. But then there is the delight in seeing them going off to new homes to be read and cherished and the knowledge that there will always be more coming.