Sams Teach Yourself Programming with Java in 24 Hours (4th Edition) (Sams Teach Yourself) by Rogers Cadenhead

Constructing Accessible Web Sites by Jim Thatcher

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Glasshaus is a new imprint dedicated to providing focused and timely information to the 'new' web professional.-- Out of the estimated 7 million web professionals worldwide who specialize in either Web visual design or in Web functionality, a new market segment is emerging of web professionals who need to do both.-- The 'new' web professional is task-driven -- facing tight project time lines, steep learning curves, and needing multi-tool skill sets.-- They want just enough information on what they need to know to get the job done -- now.-- glasshaus titles fit perfectly between the kind of information that already exists for the hard-core programmer on one end and the web designer/artist on the other.-- glasshaus is the first publisher to focus on the specific needs of this growing market of web professionals.The traditional Web development market is shifting. Within this vast community more and more web professionals are moving in-house, and the boundaries between specialized skill sets is becoming increasingly blurred.The new web professionals don't get time off to polish their skills; they're constantly running to chase deadlines.Little information is currently available to help this rapidly developing market: the new web professional doesn't want (or have time for) a 1200 page tome on a specific programming language, and they don't need a glossy book that will get their work shown in an art gallery. They want solutions. glasshaus provides them.Everything you need to know in one book about how to construct an accessible site, or reconstruct an existing one to make it accessible.-- This is the first book specifically addressing US, UK, EC and Australianweb disability legislation. It is the one-step guide to anti-lawsuit peace of mind, with This 2002 glasshaus Paperback is in Very Good condition.

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