Hunters of Dune by Brian Herbert; Kevin J. Anderson

The Mageborn Traitor (Exiles) by Melanie Rawn

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The Mage Guardians have survived the war--barely. Now Mage Captal Cailet and her sister Sarra are struggling to rebuild their society--politically, economically, and magically. Yet though defeated, their ancient enemies, the Malerissi, have not been destroyed, and under the leadership of Cailet's and Sarra's sister Glenin, these masters of a darker magic are once again weaving a web with which to entangle the entire world. And even as Cailet's dreams of a restored Mage Hall become a reality, Glenin prepares to strike at the very heart of both her sisters' power. This 1998 Pan Books Paperback is in Good condition.

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