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The People on the Street: a Writer's View of Israel by Linda Grant

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'The further away anyone was from that block of Ben Yehuda street, the easier it seemed to find a solution to the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians, that stubborn mess in the center of the Middle East and the more I studied these solutions, the more I thought that they depended for their implementation on a population of table football men, painted in the colors of the two teams: blue and white for the Israelis, green, red and black for the Palestinians. All the international community had to do was to twist the levers and the little players would kick and swing and send the ball into the net, to victory.' One block of a Tel Aviv street is the starting point for Linda GrantÕs exploration of the inner dynamics of IsraelÑnot the government and its policies, but the people themselves in all their variety. Iraqi shop-keepers, teenage soldiers, mob bosses, Tunisian-born settlers, Russian scientists, and the father of the victimÊof a suicide bomber are justÊsome of the people she meets. This 2008 Virago UK Paperback is in Very Good condition.

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