The Burglar on the Prowl by Lawrence Block

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Bernie has been accused of cracking the safe in a bungled burglary that left three people dead. He was actually robbing another apartment at the time (where he left more money than he took, but that's another story) but he can't tell the cops that. And now the real perps are chasing Bernie too. Everyone wants to get their hands on what Bernie hasn't got. But if he can just work out how some Latvian immigrants, an eminent plastic surgeon and a novel by Joseph Conrad are connected before the boys in blue catch up with him, he might be able to crack this case open like a safe. In this long-awaited new instalment of the popular BURGLAR series, award-winning author Lawrence Block brings back the intrepid and charming Bernie for another delightfully suspenseful tale that will leave readers clamouring for more. This 2004 Transworld Publishing Paperback is in Very Good condition.

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