The Infinite Plan by Isabel Allende

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Isabel Allendea??s powerful tale of one boya??s escape from the slums of Los Angeles. This magnificent novel tells the story of Gregory Reeves, the son of Charles, an itinerant preacher. As a boy, Gregory accepts the endless journeying and poverty which is his familya??s lot, never questioning the validity of his fathera??s homespun philosophy of life a?? the Infinite Plan. But, as manhood approaches, Gregory finds himself increasingly possessed by a yearning to escape. Hankering after worldly wealth, he longs to break away from the barrio, the teeming Hispanic ghetto of downtown Los Angeles where his family has finally settled. Gregorya??s quest, so different from his fathera??s, takes him first to the killing fields of Vietnam, and thence to law school at Berkeley from where he pitches headlong into a hedonistic pursuit of the American Dreama?| This 2001 HarperPerennial Paperback is in Good condition.

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