Possession: a Romance by A. S. Byatt

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Hailed byThe New York Times Book Reviewas 'a gifted observer, able to discern the exact details that bring whole worlds into being' and 'a storyteller who could keep a sultan on the edge of his throne for a thousand and one nights,' A. S. Byatt writes some of the most engaging and skillful novels of our time.Timemagazine calls her 'a novelist of dazzling inventiveness.' Possession, for which Byatt won England's prestigious Booker Prize, was praised by critics on both sides of the Atlantic when it was first published in 1990. 'On academic rivalry and obsession, Byatt is delicious. On the nature of possessionthe lover by the beloved, the biographer by his subjectshe is profound,' saidThe Sunday Times(London). TheNew Yorkerdubbed it 'more fun to read thanThe Name of the Rose. . . Its prankish verve [and] monstrous richness of detail [make for] a one-woman variety show of literary styles and types.' The novel traces a pair of young academicsRoland Michell and Maud Baileyas they uncover a clandestine love affair between two long-dead Victorian poets. Interwoven in a mesmerizing pastiche are love letters and fairytales, extracts from biographies and scholarly accounts, creating a sensuous and utterly delightful novel of ideas and passions. With an Introduction by the author that describes the novel's origins and its twenty-year gestation, this Modern Library edition is a handsome keepsake for fans ofPossessionnew and old alike. This 1991 Vintage Paperback is in Good condition.

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