Welcome To the Fallen Paradise by Dayne Sherman

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Baxter Parish, Louisiana, is a bloody place where family tradition is stronger than the law and pride more valuable than life. Thirty-year-old Jesse Tadlock returns home to Mount Olive to claim his inheritance after a peaceful, if not dull, twelve-year Army hitch. With a steady job, a past love back in his life, and his own land, he thinks he's outlasted the legacy of violence that has haunted his family.But the morning, after his first night in his new home, a neighbor turns up at his door with a loaded rifle on his arm and a bloodthirsty pit bull in tow. Balem 'Cotton' Moxley says he was born in this house and he'll die there, or Jesse will.With his Uncle Red pushing to deal with the threat the old way - meeting fist with blade, bullet with bomb - at odds with his desire for a simple peace, Jesse must find a way to stand up and save his own, even if it means losing everything to the fires of pride. This 2004 MacAdam/Cage Hardcover is in Good condition.

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