Wicker by Kevin Guilfoile

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Look twenty years into the future and imagine a time when it's commonplace to clone babies for infertile couples. Imagine a world divided by this practice and a band of religious vigilantes determined to bring an end to cloning. Now take the case of Dr Davis Moore, a cloning specialist who's confronted with the brutal murder and rape of his teenage daughter. What would you do if the police drew a blank in their investigations but erroneously sent you a vial containing the killer's DNA . . . DNA you could use to clone the killer? Would you be able to create a cuckoo in the nest just so that you could look your daughter's killer in the eye? Justin Finn, at three, looks like any other child. But his face, one day, will be the exact match of the cold-blooded killer of whom he is a perfect genetic replica. And Justin Finn at fifteen has developed an unhealthy obsession with the Wicker Man, a notorious serial killer who prowls the streets of Chicago . . . This 2005 Michael Joseph Ltd Paperback is in Very Good condition.

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