Temptation Island by Graeme Lay

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'Seems like every carpetbagger and swindler in the world is targeting the Pacific Islands right now. Drug dealers, tax dodgers, off-shore bankers, casino operators, tobacco companies, B-grade movie makers .. The Russian mafia will probably be next. I tell you, Max, there are more sharks around the airport than there are outside side the reef.' When photo journalist Max Davidson is offered an assignment to Avaiiki to investigate a possible aid scam it also gives him the chance to escape a tragedy which has scarred his life. On the island Max meets a fearless newspaper editor, Mose Baumann, who is waging a campaign against corruption in high places. As the lives of Max and Mose become enmeshed, the forces of despotic authority are brought to bear on them, with deadly results. Well characterised, suspenseful and with a theme as topical and urgent as today's headlines, TEMPTATION ISLAND also gives startling iinsights into the contemporary South Pacific. This 2000 Cape Catley Paperback is in Mint condition.

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