Legwork (Casey Jones Mysteries) by Katy Munger

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She's smart, talented and durable, but Casey Jones has had more than her share of bad luck in her life -- including a short stretch in a Florida pen that haunts her still. In Raleigh, N.C., where Casey now lives, a prison record means no private investigator's license. So she's doing legwork for legit p.i. Bobby D -- a blimp-sized eating machine with a bad toupee, who exercises few muscles below the jawline. Casey's latest assignment is to guard Senatorial hopeful Mary Lee Masters -- a tough-as-nails politico with a reputation for perfection and a long list of adversaries, including one who just dumped a shotgunned corpse into the candidate's Jeep. With her campaign on the horizon, Mary Lee turns to Casey for help -- the kind that soon has the unlicensed sleuth swimming in an unsavory southern stew of treachery and dirty politics...with a large pinch of murder thrown in for flavor. This 1997 Avon Mass Market Paperback is in Fair condition.

Loose cover, otherwise good ISBN: 9780380791361 SKU: 917693 Note: Any image shown is from a stock photo and is not the actual book.